While we welcome President Kenyatta’s appointment of a Taskforce to review the Kenya Power purchase agreements with independent producers, we are concerned that;

  1. The representation of the Taskforce doesn’t diversity and particularly fails to include representatives of ordinary consumers who have been shouldering the burden of the Take-or-Pay expensive power purchase plan
  2. Some of the individuals on the Taskforce have either business and or personal relations with the IPPs and or the energy sector and as such they could be conflicted. It is highly unlikely that the Taskforce, as is, will seek to address public interest
  3. The modus operandi of the Taskforce ought to have been a commission of public inquiry such that the Taskforce hearings are made public made public and media in light of Article 35 provisions
  4. Potential Report emanating from the Taskforce should have a copy tabled in the National Assembly as soon as they pass the final report to President Uhuru Kenyatta

In the absence of these measures be adopted, we have little faith both in the Taskforce and the potential output.