Consumer’s pain with Jamii Telecommunications double billing

Dear Jamii Telecommunications, Kindly note the following:

Kindly note that there something wrong with your billing. You cannot explain to me why I paid twice whole month service bills within June and again my services are disconnected mid month.

Please note that this is very disappointing. I need this to be sorted out!

1) My simple understanding of the billing cycle is that when I pay Kshs. 5,250 on a particular day, I am expected to get services for 30 Days, from the day when I made payment. My preliminary understanding of your billing approach does not include monthly balances. This is simply because, at any point when my account does not have a credit balance you disconnect the services.

2) The only logical explanation to the contrary, would arise where you allow me to use your services without having paid, therefore accruing a balance. This is not the case. The only other alternative would be if the terms and conditions I signed include the fact that I will be billed monthly, until I disconnect my account. As such, where I do not pay for five months, I should have a five months balance.

My request for a copy of the terms and conditions  I signed has not been honored.

3) Be it as it may, while I was awaiting a copy of my contract with you, you forced me to pay KES 5, 250 on 8th June, and an additional 5,250 on 30th June. The logical explanation here would be that since I am not getting full service between 8th June and 30th June, those are 22 days as opposed to 30 days, the remainder had gone to offset the balance I accrued. I maintain the fact that this balance if any was fraudulent.

4)  Today being 16th July 2022, you have disconnected my services again. Please note that this means that for an amount for one month services, you are giving services for 15 days. Which can not be explained to me.

5) I further note that while calling your agent, I was disconnected with an explanation that my complaint had gone over the pre-timed time.

Note that I have my consultants in this unit, and this is deeply inconveniencing me.

I am writing to ask for a proper explanation of this anomaly, a reinstatement of my services. If I will not have received this by close of day Monday, I will engage an advocate to pursue this matter to its logical conclusion.

By the copy, I am filing a complaint with the Consumer Federation of Kenya.

Kind Regards, Lone Felix

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