Internal security CS Prof Kindiki acts on the Sondu violence

Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki on Thursday announced that the government has deployed a contingent of special security personnel to neutralize the deadly violence in Sondu town and its environs.

Sondu is situated between Kisumu and Kericho Counties.

Prof Kindiki also announced that the special deployment will be supervised jointly by the Rift Valley and Nyanza regional security teams and that the personnel deployed have been instructed to ensure immediate resumption of normalcy in the area.

“This evening, the Government has deployed a contingent of specialist security personnel to contain the escalation of violent crime in Sondu Town and its environs. Lives have been lost, property destroyed, and civil order grossly undermined during the past two days,” the statement reads in parts.

He has since instructed police to ensure that all perpetrators of the crimes committed against the people of Sondu town and its environs have been arrested.

The CS also ordered for immediate transfer of all local security heads and county officials whose laxity and or incompetence has pushed up the violence

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