Abbysinia Group of Industries: Why technology, trust and quality comes first

Welcome to the world of steel. Abbysinia Group of Industries (AGI), the latest corporate benefactor members of COFEK prides themselves for being sellers of steel to major automotive manufacturing industries in Africa, Europe and the U.S

AGI is the argest steel producer in East Africa with capacity in excess of 350,000 metric tons per annum. It has an Integrated Steel plant and trades under Prime Steel Mills Ltd, Abyssinia Iron & Steel Ltd, AGI Welding Rods Ltd And AGI Roofing Solutions Ltd.

“I have been in steel since I apprenticed in it in 1968 while studying Metallurgy at Sheffield. We bought Kenya’s first rolling mill in 1969 and have been in steel since then. With over 40 years in “a life of steel” Africa has gone through tremendous change, whereby today we must demand high production and quality products’, says the experienced Mahindra Patel, chairman of AGI.

The group has manufacturing facilities In Athi River, Kitengela, Mariakani, Awasi, Kisumu And Eldoret Within Kenya. It has a fairly strong presence in Ethiopia.

AGI manufactures a wide range of value- added iron and steel products for the construction industry ranging from hot rolled steel products, cold rolled steel products wire products, welding rods and roofing products.

“Ever since the establishment of Abyssinia Steel in 2007, we have sought to raise the satisfaction levels of our customers and business partners by providing them with innovative capabilities and services suited to the evolving times’, AGI CEO Jateen Patel says.

AGI is a mix of experience and a testimony to the growing technology and skillset.

Even as the country struggles with dollar deficiency, a development Central Bank denies, AGI is one such firm that has been exporting steel products – and therefore bringing in the much-needed hard currencies in dollars, euros and pounds.

The group is now working on an expansion program into Uganda and Tanzania to tap on the regional demand.

AGI prides itself in meeting the market and consumer interest. This it does by investing in high-end and latest technology from many countries especially Germany.

More to follow …

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