Beyond sale-by date: Stale, useless degree programs still on offer

They are many. They are mostly served in public universities. They lead to little or no chances of a job after graduation – the stale degree courses rot that pervades majority learning institutions.

According to a survey conducted by Elimika Mashinani Trust (EMT) and the Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK), more than 300 course approved by the Commission on University Education (CUE) either attract nil or few students – yet they have all never used or underutilized lecturers.

From the survey conducted on phone between June 2 and June 15, at least 4 in every 10 (40%) students are affected by such courses that were put in place long time ago or their job market has since been saturated.

Taking a bold step early this year, the cash-strapped Egerton University scrapped eight such courses. On February 28, 2023 Egerton shut doors Industrial Technology; Technology in Civil Engineering; Soil, Environment and Land Use Management and Dairy Technology and Management.

Other affected courses were Wildlife Management and Enterprise; Integrated Forest Resource Management; Dairy Land Resources Management and Applied Aquatic Science.

In the EMT & COFEK survey, 8 out of 10 students who take such courses did not receive any form of career advice either from school or their parents. The priority for such students is about securing any form of ‘available degree’ certification.

In the study that involved 250 graduate respondents spread across 25 Counties, 60% blame the Kenya Universities Placement Service for retaining on the admission menu courses that are ‘stale’. 30% blamed the CUE while 10% blamed students for falling for ‘any available’ degree course.


The survey showed that only 20% of the public universities link their choice of courses to the market. On the other hand, private universities peg at least 70% of their course offering on employability ratio.

Incidentally, both public and private universities rank very low on actual link with the industry. While public universities scored ‘less than 10%’, private universities only had ‘less than 40%’.

As a result most of the course offerings at universities, especially the public ones, are engaging in what the survey’s 60% respondents call as ‘useless courses’.

Such courses are costing both the government and parents a collective fortune yet they do not attract interest from the market. They equally offer no skills for the graduates to opt for meaningful self-employment.

Incidentally, the Commission for University Education (CUE) on June 27, 2023 released a list of 13 institution said were providing degree programs without its’ accreditation.

CUE Warning

Members of the public have since been warned not to enroll at the 13 institutions. It was the position of the CUE, then and as at now, that they lacked the proper authorization to provide certain courses.

Some of the courses offered by the colleges listed include a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theology, a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology, and a Bachelor of Theology Master of Christian Leadership.

The institutions blacklisted by CUE include Eldoret Bible College; Al-Munawarrah College;Grace Life Bible College; Africa Theological Seminary; Regions Beyond Ministry Bible College; Baraton College; Africa Talent University and Breakthrough Bible College.

Others are Theophilus Theological College; Northwestern Christian University; Logos University; Harvest Land University.


According to the CUE website, and based on review of Government Advertising Agency (GAA), even the Teachers Service Commission requires one to have two teaching subjects; 47 County websites, Public Service Commission and even for selected employers reviews – none of these courses has been required by employers in Government and private sector for the past 10 years!

Question: Why are they still on offer? Why are unsuspecting parents and students wasting their money on them?

Bachelor of Arts in Japanese; Bachelor of Arts Programmes; Bachelor of Christian Studies; Bachelor of Education; Bachelor of Music; Bachelor of Religion and Social Development; Bachelor of Science (Animal Science); Bachelor of Science (Pure Physics); Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Animal Science); Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology; Bachelor of Science in Population Health; Bachelor of Science (Aerospace Engineering); Bachelor of Science (Physics) and Bachelor of Social Work


Others are Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Science; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Arts(Geography); Bachelor of Arts (History); Bachelor of Arts (Kiswahili); Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics); Bachelor of Arts (Literature); Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies); Bachelor of Science Geo-Physics and Mineralogy; Bachelor of Science in Biology; Bachelor of Science in Natural Products; Bachelor of Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics); Bachelor of Arts (Peace Education); Bachelor of Science in Utilization and Sustainability of Arid Lands; Bachelor of Arts (Cultural Studies); Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counseling); Bachelor of Science (General); Bachelor of Science(Chemistry); Bachelor of Science (Mathematics); Bachelor of Arts in Political Science; Bachelor of Education in Home Science; Bachelor of Science in Agronomy

Bachelor of Science in Earth Science; Bachelor of Science in Ethno- Botany and Medicinal Plant Science, with Information Technology; Bachelor of Education in Psychology; Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management; Bachelor of Science (Natural Resources); Bachelor of Science (Wildlife Enterprise & Management

Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili & Geography; Bachelor of Engineering Physics; Bachelor of Science in Ecotourism; Bachelor of Science in Mining Physics; Bachelor of Arts in Technical and Professional Communication; Bachelor of Science in Management in Mathematics; Bachelor of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation; Bachelor of Science in Applied Aquatics Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Integrated Forest Resources Management; Bachelor of Science in Military Science; Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management; Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Applied Bioengineering; Bachelor of Science in Botany; Bachelor of Science in Geomatic Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Industrial Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Soil Water and Environment Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Zoology; Bachelor of Science in Zoology (Genomic Science); Bachelor of Enterprise Management; Bachelor of Forensic Science; Bachelor of Education in Music; Bachelor of Arts in Church Music and Theology

Music Theory

Bachelor of Music Theory and Composition; Bachelor of Science in Forestry; Bachelor of Arts Pastoral Theology; Bachelor of Science in Agriculture; Bachelor of Science in Bio-resources Management and Conservation; Bachelor of Science in Sugar Technology; Bachelor of Education Technology (Computer Studies); Bachelor of Science (Geographic Information Science)

Bachelor of Science (Global Community Health and Travel Medicine); Bachelor of Science (Health Professions Medical Education); Bachelor of Science (Paramedical Sciences); Bachelor of Technology (Cosmetology and Beauty Science); Bachelor of Science (Biology Science & Physical Science Options); Bachelor of Arts (Penology, Correction, and Administration); Bachelor of Business Management (Marine Business Management)

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Studies; Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Fisheries; Bachelor of Arts in Child Care and Protection; Bachelor of Education (AGED); Bachelor of Science in Management of Agri. Ecosystems; Bachelor of Science in Population Health; Bachelor of Arts in Translation Studies; Bachelor of Science (Events and Convention Management); Bachelor of Applied Technology; Bachelor of Science in Agro-Forestry and Rural Development; Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights

Bachelor of Education & Psychology; Bachelor of Science in Technology Education; Bachelor of Technology in Agriculture; Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry with Computing; Bachelor of Science in Applied Animal Laboratory ScienceBachelor of Science in Ethnobotany

Bachelor of Science in Seed Science & Technology; Bachelor of Science in Wood Science and Industrial Processes; Bachelor of Arts in Archeology and Paleoanthropology; Bachelor of Range Management; Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics; Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science; Bachelor of Science in Meteorology; Bachelor of Science in (Bio System Engineering); Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Human Development; Bachelor of Science in (Physical Therapy


The EMT/COFEK survey, separately, went on to list some of the under-listed Bachelors courses majority Kenyans consider either stale, not attractive to the market and or can provide easy self-employment.

COFEK and Elimika Mashinani Trust (EMTnow calls on the Commission on University Education as well as the Ministry of Education to move with speed and #DeleteStaleDegreeCourses ;

  1. Commerce in Human Resource
  2. Dryland Natural Resource Management
  3. Operations Research
  4. African Religion and Culture
  5. Applied Communication
  6. Agribusiness management
  7. Animal Science
  8. Mining Physics
  9. Community Development
  10. Geomatic Engineering Geospatial Information System
  11. Telecommunication and Information Engineering
  12. Sociology and Religious Studies
  13. Animal Health Management
  14. Ecotourism and Hospitality Management
  15. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  16. Integrated Forest Resources
  17. Soil Environment and Land Use Management
  18. Water and Environmental Engineering
  19. International Tourism Management
  20. Construction Management
  21. Soil Science
  22. Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  23. Zoology
  24. Cooperative Business
  25. Quality Survey
  26. Agribusiness Development Extension Development
  27. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  28. Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  29. Agricultural Engineering and Rural Entrepreneurship
  30. Animal Health, Production and Processing
  31. Botany
  32. Control and Instrumentation Syllabus
  33. Ecology
  34. Financial Engineering
  35. Food Service and Post-harvest Technology
  36. Industrial Mathematics
  37. Mechatronic Engineering
  38. Pure Mathematics
  39. Curriculum Studies
  40. Church Music
  41. Musicology
  42. Organizational Development
  43. Business Management
  44. Forestry
  45. Gaming and Animation Technology
  46. Travel and Tourism Management
  47. Japanese
  48. German Program
  49. Biblical Studies
  50. Biblical Theology
  51. Records and Archives Management
  52. Philosophy in Hospitality
  53. Agribusiness Management and Trade
  54. Agriculture Resource Management
  55. Conservation Biology
  56. Energy Engineering
  57. Manufacturing Engineering
  58. Recreation and Sports Management
  59. Water Engineering
  60. Environmental Health
  61. Petroleum Engineering
  62. Tourism Studies
  63. Cooperation and Human Development
  64. Agriculture and Biotechnology
  65. Bio-Resource Management and Conversation
  66. Catering and Hotel Management
  67. Dairy Technology and Management
  68. Cultural Studies
  69. Tours and Travel Management
  70. Environmental Management
  71. Earth Sciences
  72. Forestry Ecosystem Management
  73. Parks Recreation and Leisure Management
  74. Wildlife Management
  75. Agronomy
  76. Aquatic Resources Conservation and Development
  77. Ecotourism, Hotel and Institution Management
  78. Mathematical Sciences
  79. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
  80. Anthropology
  81. Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management
  82. Electrical and Communications Engineering
  83. Religion
  84. Agriculture and Biotechnology
  85. Global Community Health and Travel Medicine
  86. Paramedical Sciences
  87. Biological Science and Physical Science Options
  88. Penology, Correction and Administration
  89. Physical Therapy
  90. Sports Management
  91. Media Science
  92. Applied Communication
  93. Control and Instrumentation
  94. Business Leadership
  95. Land Resource Management
  96. Range Management

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