Rot in bungled #BoysIIMen event: Raw comments from revelers

Good afternoon, I went to the concert as a regular ticket holder, which cost Kshs. 8,000 and I attach a copy of my ticket here under.

The concert fell short of quality standards for the following reasons;

  1. There was no seating arrangement for regular ticket holders. There was a vendor who was ‘leasing’ out seats for Sh300, incurring an extra cost for regular ticket holders. We were not allowed to access the main arena with said seats so it really beat logic why they were even made available to us. This means for the majority of the concert, we were left to stand which was unfair given the ticket price that we had to fork out.
  2. The organizers definitely oversold tickets because we were so crowded and it was a relief that no one got hurt in the midst of the crowding in the main arena.
  3. There was poor planning for the lavatories which were so far from the venue. They were not enough for the number of people who were at the venue. Moreover, they were not lit and  ran out of water at some point. This was unsanitary and demonstrated the shoddy planning by the organizers.
  4. Regular ticket holders had to rely on screens to be able to see the stage and performers. These same screens, specifically the ones at the back were faulty for the better part of the Sauti Sol performance and we had to yell out to the staff to fix the screen for over half an hour for something to be done.
  5. The sound quality was underwhelming and that was what was absolutely disheartening. This was the bare minimum requirement for a musical event, especially one of such magnitude. We, just as we did for the screens, had to yell out to the staff to fix the sound but this was not addressed.

The organizers absolutely failed on all fronts to deliver what they promised and we are owed refunds for the disaster we were made to experience.


Thank you so much for affording us the opportunity to lodge a complaint regarding the organization of this concert.

I was a regular ticket holder, having paid KES 8000. I  have attended a number of festivals and concerts in Nairobi and this is the most expensive ticket I have ever bought. Given this, I expected the quality of organization and production to be at the very least above mediocre! That being said, the production was truly the worst of all I have ever attended in Nairobi.

No visuals!: There was only one screen for all in the main regular space to watch the performances. We had no view of the stage at all (it should have been elevated so performers were at least visible!). We had one screen only which was non functional for part of the event.

No sound!: For a majority of the Boys II Men performance we could not hear it! We had to literally chant for the sound to be fixed so we could hear. By the time it was fixed, the performance was ending. We only had good sound for 15 -20mins.

Short performance: It was advertised that Boys II Men would perform for two hours. They did not even give an hour worth of a performance!

Toilets: The toilets were not enough for the number of people in attendance. On average one was queuing up to 30 mins to use a toilet and then at some point there was no water in the toilet! The toilets were completely filled with excrement and unusable!


I would like to complain about the Boyz II Men Concert. I felt that everything was catered towards making sure the VVIP and VIP ticket holders enjoyed the concert but not the rest of us. In the main tent, most of the space was for the VVIP guests with very little space left for the huge number of regular ticket holders.

We were forced to stay outside the main tent under one of the vendor garden umbrellas. It kept on raining and we were rained on. The sound wasn’t great and the organisers did not put in enough screens so that people could be able to see. Then one of the screens that was there wasn’t working half the time. People kept screaming “fix the screen”. Because of this a lot of people were standing in their seats in order to see the concert. This meant that for those of us not even in the main tent, there was nothing we could see.

I did not pay 8K for a regular ticket to have such a forgettable experience. I was paying to have a good time with my friends, see the musicians perform and listen and dance to the music. I was not able to do any of that because of the poor planning of the organizers. I felt ripped off at the end of the night.

It is clear that the planning wasn’t done with any consideration for regular ticket holders. The toilets were far and few (during the rainy season). They did not have enough vendors for food and drinks.

I think for me this was my worst ever concert experience and I think that we should get at least a partial refund of our money.  Attached is a copy of my ticket.


This is to complain about the Boyz II Men concert. Although I was happy to see Boyz II Men and Sauti Sol. I have the following concerns;

  1. The screen not working for 20 minutes into the show…I couldn’t watch anything
  2. The sound was terrible.
  3. The Loos were so few 5 of them not sufficient for the crowd…this resulted in long queues and dirty toilets
  4. I was very far from stage and I couldn’t see the performances…we had paid Kshs 15k each for VIP tickets yet we were sharing the same small screen like the people who paid the regular tickets
  5. No provision for the rain…so people were rained on as they were trying to watch the show.
  6.  I was promised a premium experience and I did not get that.  Looking forward to you taking swift action on this matter. Asante

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