Fraudsters with a fake National Cement website defrauding unsuspecting public

Reports have reached Cofek to the effect that fraudsters are using a fake National Cement Company (NCC) website to con money from unsuspecting members of the public.

Its important that consumers verify the authenticity of any website before providing personal or financial information online.

“I am Kimindiri and here is my story. A lot can be said about about online scams but this could be the biggest well orchestrated scams in Kenya.

Targeting middle the class, the scam appeals to young Kenyans considering to construct their own homes.

Posing as a legitimate website for National  Cement Factory and have a Facebook account with over  31k followers .
“If you send them money, they immediately ignore your calls and by the time you realize it’s a con , Safaricom,  NCBA bank will offer little or no help in helping you recover your lost monies.
“I even tried reporting to DCI Cybercrime division,  6months down the line, the website is still acrive, Facebook account is still active with more unsuspecting kenyans falling.
The genuine website is The fake one is: 
NCC manufactures and distributes cement and paving blocks of the highest quality to our consumers countrywide.
A product of National Cement Company Limited (NCCL) means assured superior performance, reliable quality and easy accessibility to be a loved brand across the nation.
The company takes immense pride in Kenyan roots and endeavours to bring out the best in cement products in the country by employing the latest cutting-edge technologies that ensures we remain ahead of the game, and set some of the highest international standards in our products for decades to come.
It’s high-quality Paving Blocks combine elegant aesthetics with quick installation processes. They are economical, durable with a vast range of colors, designs and finishes to perfectly suit your area
National Cement Company is a member of the Devki Group of Companies. Its headquarters is Athi River with a major branch in Nakuru and West Pokot. Another branch is coming up in Eldoret

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