Sad day for affordable housing project as the Court of Appeal fails to stay, lift orders

The Affordable Housing Project (AHP) has been hit with a temporary setback after a 3 judges bench of the Court of Appeal failed to stay or lift the orders imposed on the ambitious project, billed as Kenya’s gamechanger, on November 28, 2023.

On Thursday morning, and in a ruling delivered via email, Justices Achode, Mativo and Gachoka said the Government applications still “lacked the limps” to stand on.

The Affordable Housing Project is one of President William Ruto’s flagship projects

Government has since published the Affordable Housing Bill, 2024 which is undergoing public participation.

The new law is meant to address gaps mentioned in the High Court ruling.

Read the full Court of Appeal ruling here: CIVIL APPLICATION NO. NAI E577 OF 2023 Consolidated with NAI E581 NAI E585 NAI E596

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