Raw deal: Overbooking, poor planning ruined #BoysIIMen event

‘It was a miracle that there was no accident or stampede at the Nairobi greatest social event on Saturday, June 10’, exclaimed Karen when reached by COFEK on phone

The concert enthusiast who says the widely-publicized event was anything but value for money, said it couldn’t have come ‘any closer to the Anthony Hamilton concert. At least not for the Sh8.000 per person for the regulars’, said Karen who did not wish that we disclose her second name for privacy reasons.

Like Karen and many other revelers COFEK independently sampled, many of those who turned up at Uhuru Gardens said they had a nice time – not necessarily from the actual performance but from their company they had.

‘5 vendors were hardly enough to facilitate food. Only 6 toilets and the last tent was erected as late as 45 minutes to time. The screen was too small. I was part of the group of people that kept on chanting ‘fix the sound! fix the sound’ added Karen.

Michael, another music lover said that overbooking was the bane of it all. ‘The organizers must have been too greedy. The VIP that was to take 180 people ended up have nearly 400 people. It was too full to make any sense of being at the venue and being called VVIP – and which went for Sh30,000 per head.

‘Security guards were overwhelmed. At one time, I was worried for anyone who would have fainted. I just do not know how ambulance team would have reached him or her’, added Michael.

On her part, middle aged Hannah said ‘I liked the evident chaos. The place was too squeezed. Another cultural Carnivore-like event. You could hardly breathe. It gave me courage to break the ice of talking to my immediate neighbours – first as if I was complaining of being squeezed but I really enjoying making some new friends. Yes, it was bad for Sh8,000 charge but I honestly can’t complain.  I know I will recover the Sh8,000 from the good contacts I met. Someone who pays Sh8,000 for such a poor show can’t be a con. Can he? Kudos to the organizers’, she laughed off our call and hanged up.

‘How can we be rained on such an event? Its like the actual performance was too short to make sense. From 4pm, they were done as early as 10pm, I felt wasted’, lamented Karen.

Asked how the event would have been better, ‘I want COFEK to sue these guys to refund at least 50 percent of what the regulars paid. The VVIPs have money to waste. Imagine us complaining about the 3 percent housing levy yet we throw away Sh8,000 in a matter of hours for a poorly arranged event’, said Michael.

‘Why would a bank like Stanbic put in big monies in such a terrible event that would only serve to risk the lives of many people’, said Ken in his email to COFEK even as he sought a strict anonymity

‘I think COFEK need not to be coming this late. Next time you see an ad for a major event, please help Kenyans have guarantees that they won’t be cheated, squeezed and basically robbed without violence the way BoysIIMen event organizers did’, he added.

‘It is unfortunate that a bank of Stanbic stature poured their millions in such a risky event. Good gamble yes but I am sure they may come to regret it. What if they helpes some Shakahola victims?’. quipped Ben

‘You cannot charge people for a premium experience and give them a poor one”, said Rayhab.

‘The #BoysIIMen concert was a definite bad experience for me. Starting from missing a spot in the tents and ending up in the outdoor umbrellas that could barely protect us from the rain. No visual of the stage as the screens were very few and small, poor sound, few loos that were far apart and very few food and drink vendors. I feel like the event was more in favor of the VIP and VVIPs. The experience did not measure up to the high prices. It could and should have been so much better with good planning’, she concluded sounding most unhappy

COFEK has since requested revelers who attended the event and have complaints to share evidence of payment and other specific complaints they have. They can reach COFEK through:

‘We will then analyze the complaints and raise them with the event organizers. If we don’t secure satisfactory responses COFEK will take decisive action which may include a class action lawsuit on behalf of the complainants’, COFEK Program Officer Ms Caroline Njue said

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