Unhappy customer calling out Caetano Kenya over bad service

I want to file a complaint with your organization about Caetano Kenya.

I write to your organisation as you are firmly rooted in protecting consumers from unfair practices and  that the consumers get value for their money.

I have had a horrible experience with the company about fixing my vehicle. I bought a vehicle here in December of 2020. I have serviced the same vehicle with them over the years faithfully. I had a minor accident on January 2nd and personally drove the vehicle to their service center on 4th January for repairs. They took close to 2 months after authority for repairs was given, but I was patient with them all through.


Unfortunately, when they were done with repairs on the 18th of March 2024, the car could not start and that has seen them retain the car for well over another month.

To add to this experience, they seem unbothered by the fact that they are inconveniencing my movements and don’t seem to have any recourse even after severally requesting that they provide an alternative vehicle as they take their sweet time to ‘diagnose’ the problem.

On Thursday 25/05/2024, they texted indicating that they found out that the ECU had an issue. After probing on Monday 29/05/2024, on how they will fix the issue, I am told they will re-program the same with no timelines to the same, even after requesting for the same.

Worn out

Let it be also noted, that they do not pick up my calls and rarely communicate on any progress. I have to physically go to their premises if I need concrete information on what is going on.

I have been patient, but they have worn me out.

I believe an institution like yours upholds high regard to clients treatment and the value they get. Caetano Kenya handling of my issue seems to be a favour and not a right . The car being repaired by my insurer stems from the fact that I pay for my insurance, I do not owe the company any monies that they have sought I have been unable to pay.

I am not requesting for a favour. All I need is to have my car back because for heaven’s sake it does not need over 40 days to diagnose a car issue and still not have a way forward. I feel sorry for myself that I ever stepped foot in Caetano Kenya for a purchase

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