Leg vote: Carbacid ditches Kenya Power connection for solar power

Carbacid Investments, which manufactures carbondioxide, has lined up three solar power generation plants as the firm seeks to further cut reliance on costly and unreliable supply from Kenya Power.

The firm, in its latest annual report, revealed the plan whose cost remained undisclosed, making it the latest large power consumer to pursue its own power production, further dealing a blow to the State-controlled power distributor.

Kenya Power has in recent years witnessed a rise in the number of large power consumers like factories and universities that are building their own energy generation plants with a preference for solar and biomass technology.

The growing shift sheds light on firms keen to cut energy costs while on the other hand dealing a blow to Kenya Power’s efforts to make profits.

“The reliability and cost of KPLC power supply continues to be inconsistent prompting the group to undertake significant investments in solar energy infrastructure,” the firm says in the report.

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