Wanting billing and integration of M-pesa payments at the Postal Corporation hurting consumers

That Dan Kagwe, the younger brother of the health secretary Mutahi Kagwe, has sunk the Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) into a deeper crisis can be an understatement.

Unlike Mutahi who starred for leading the country through the Covid-19 pandemic, Dan Kagwe is a non-performer whose contract is extended for political reasons.

Mutahi’s only challenge is the dark cloud over what has been named as #CovidBillionnaires used interchangeably with #CovidPreneurs,  to refer to the massive financial scam that left Kenya Medical Services Authority (KEMSA) a pale of itself.

Even when PCK is given support under the new John Ngumi outfit that brings together Kenya Pipeline Corporation, Kenya Railways and Kenya Ports Authority – resuscitation of PCK has failed miserably.

The situation was made worse when the Chairman of PCK, a respected and polished conveyance, became hospitalized and later passed on early this year.

The challenge at the cash-strapped and dismally performing at Posta Kenya, as it is fondly known, reared its’ ugly head on the Cofek box number 28053-00200 based at the City Square, Nairobi.

For the past 2 months, PCK has closed the rental box insisting that we must provide the original M-pesa text message as made on October 13, 2021.

After protests on Twitter, PCK changed the tune to claim that Cofek has arrears. Asked if they ever invoiced indicating arrears, they denied.

This is because they only send text messages reminding subscribers to pay. PCK has no IT systems and staff operate under very difficult circumstances.

Would you believe it – the main post office with majority rental boxes – City Square is in a state of total neglect and abandon.

Electricity has been disconnected. Employees use phone lights to put in letters. Same to subscribers who have to struggle to spot their box numbers. As a result, many letters are mis-posted especially by aging employees.’

If you don’t have a torch or a phone which can light, it is difficult to spot your rental especially in the evening and at night.

Posta Kenya is in a big mess. Workers are hardly paid. But the incompetent MD and CEO has a powerful brother – in health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe – he is untouchable. Kenya’s must say no!

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