Why a consumer is protesting Daima milk change of prices before promotion ends

Naivas Supermarket (Capital Center and South C branches) have again changed offer prices midway.

Daima Bora ESL 500ml long life milk had an offer price of Sh49.00 up to Sunday 29 October 2023. But, when picking the item, Saturday 28 October the price had been changed to Sh56.00.

I opted for another brand with same offer price expiring 31 October at South C branch, after presenting my verbal and written complaint (attached Capital Center complaints register and shelf price, and South C shelf price).

Do supermarkets have the discretion to change offer prices at will?

Yesterday, Naivas Capital Center’s aisle staff, Supervisor and Branch Manager were of the view that ‘Back Office’, who initiated the offer price change, could and do so at any time.

​I did overhear another complaint at the Customer Service Desk on offer price change on Fresh Fry cooking oil.Kindly clarify so I stop complaining to/against this tendency by Naivas Supermarket.

With thanks and regards

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