Carrefour Mega misleading consumers on ‘Minute Maid’ promotion

An unhappy consumer, Thursday, called Cofek urging the Federation to investigate the conduct of Carrefour Kenya supermarket.

“They claim Minute Maid has a promotion. That 4 packets cost Sh539. I checked a single one, in the same shop, cost Sh103. What it means – you spent more on the alleged promotion (Sh134.75 per packet) compared to buying one”.

COFEK has urged the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) to review all promotions by Coca-Cola and firms which use Christmas season to dupe unsuspecting consumers.

The Federation has called for vigilance on consumers to exercise extreme discretion before purchasing anything on ‘promotion’ so as to avoid items that could either be counterfeit, sub-standard and or of bad quality.

“A lot of imitations of products are common. Its not just about losing your money. You would also be compromising and exposing the health of your loved ones”, COFEK has warned

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