DStv advisory on how to avoid making wrong subscription payments

We understand that one major challenge our customers face every day is making the wrong DStv subscription payments.

There is a quick and easy solution to help resolve this matter. In this email, we will guide you on how to rectify this.

While we seek to swiftly resolve this issue for our customers, you must present the right information requirements to recover your subscription payment.

Always ensure you have the following information on hand when reaching out to the contact center:

• Correct smartcard number for DStv
• The Correct Name on the correct DStv account
• Have the exact amount that was paid and the date it was paid
• Receipt of payment (paper receipt for physical payment, screenshot receipts or SMS confirmation for mobile transactions)
• Reference number generated when the wrong payment was made, this will be indicated on your invoice or proof of payment
• Have the correct Package and/or Additional Services you wish to allocate this amount to
• Your valid means of identification as recorded on our system
• Ensure that all your contact information is correct and up to date on our system

Once all this information is gathered, we should be able to quickly allocate the correct amount to the correct account, and you can continue enjoying your viewing!

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