Kenya on course to ‘fair digital finance’, stakeholders at a CA event to mark the world consumer rights say

Kenya has made great strides in attainment of a ‘fair digital finance’, 3 key regulators told a forum marking the World Consumer Rights Day in Mombasa on Tuesday.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor Dr Patrick Njoroge, Communications Authority (CA) Director General Ezra Chiloba and Data Protection Commissioner Immaculate Kassait – all with different but converging mandate – said they would collaborate to ensure that digital financial space remained safe.

Riding on the National Payment System platform and enforcement of the digital le nders regulation, Dr Njoroge exuded confidence that Kenya had made great strides on consumer protection around digital finance.

He called for the consumer awareness – emphasizing that consumers should never assume zero risk and need to equally take responsibility.

Asked by Cofek whether excessive taxation on internet should not reviewed, Dr Njoroge said that the matter was under discussion but Government must raise revenue for its programs.

On her part, Ms Kassait informed the gathering that the Data Protection Act, 2019 has taken effect and that registration of data controllers will begin July 14. She warned those violation data privacy that they will be met with tough sanctions.

‘Collaboration is key on data protection, right to privacy is important and must be protected at all cost by all players handling personal data’, siad

Mr Chiloba said that the CA would continue to work with the CBK on regulating the mobile money transfer service saying CA focuses on the network while the CBK focuses on the money part.

Faiba Jamii Telkom Chairman Joshua Chepkwony called for national roaming service.

Other panelists included Sitoyo Lopokoyoit, the CEO of M-Pesa Africa, Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati, Faiba Jamii Telkom Chairman Joshua Chepkwony and Cofek Secretary General Stephen Mutoro

Mr Kibati lauded inter-operability but called for fair user charges on either side of money transfer.

The colourful and well-attended CA event was held at the Pride Inn Paradise, Mombasa.

The opening ceremony, broadcasted live on NTV, was moderated by CA acting director for corporate and consumer affairs Patricia Muchiri and NTV’s anchor Mark Masai.

World Consumer Rights Day is marked every March 15 since 1962 when then US President JF Kennedy introduced the consumer rights.

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