Taylor Swift economy crosses the $100 million mark for a single film

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour didn’t hit screens until 12 October – a date the superstar moved up, as a surprise for fans – yet AMC Theatres announced worldwide ticket pre-sales had already exceeded $100m (£81.5m).

First-day sales alone topped $26m, breaking box office records. Many industry experts expect the film to land among Barbie and The Super Mario Bros. Movie – both of which have grossed upwards of $1.3bn (£1.06bn) to date – for biggest opening weekends of the year.

As astounding as these figures are, they’re just another part of the economic effect of Taylor Swift’s massive Eras Tour, which kicked off 17 March at 70,000-seat State Farm Stadium in Arizona, US.

The tour has grossed an estimated $1bn, and will continue to smash records as Swift takes it to Canada, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe into late 2023 and 2024. Most dates are already sold out.

Throughout 2023, Swift’s tour has generated massive revenue for each US host city, as fans spend to see her – in many cases, laying out thousands of dollars on tickets and lodging, outfits and merchandise.

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