Suspend license: Blow for dodgy Sportpesa as KRA catches up with it on tax evasion

Close them down until they pay up – is the message Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was demanding on Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) to act on Milestone Games Ltd – which trades us Sportpesa.

In a November 8th, 2023 letter KRA’s Weldon Ngeno acting on behalf of the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes – wants BCLB to shut down the Sportpesa and Finix liecenses revoked and paybills closed down for failing to provide the 12.5% excise tax that was deducted from gamings.

KRA cited this as non-compliance with the September 25, 2023 Court order – again curiously issued in Kakamega.

Sportpesa is owned and run by Kasarani MP Ronald Karauri – who fell out with former co-director Paul Ndung’u.

Dick Wathika one of the founding directors of Sportpesa collapsed and died under mysterious

COFEK has since sued BCLB demanding that it enforces its’ decision of stopping gaming firms from using the offending “speed dial” feature by browsing feature by Opera Mini


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