Why a shopper wants compensation for bad chicken at Naivas

Good morning? I’m a very loyal Naivas customer from the time Kasarani Naivas branch was operationalized. I frequent Kasarani, Ruiru Spur and Juja Mall branches.

From the time Juja Mall Naivas branch was operationalized, one of my frequently sourced products has been “Assorted Chicken Cuts on Bone”

Out of several packages I bought for Christmas and New Year festivities (2021) it was only one packet that I found to be of questionable quality standards.

When I cooked, it left, a bad taste in the mouth, to say the least. I didn’t raise any complaint.

On 31-01-2022, I bought 6 packets of the same product( see copy of receipt sent via this e- mail address)  I cooked it on 1-02-2022 for supper. To my disappointment, I found it had a lot of chilli. None of my family members, particularly the children, withstands chilli.

I checked the labels on the packet and found no indication of chilli in the product. Your office confirmed the presence of chilli in the product from the cooked sample I brought to your office for tasting on 2-02-2022.

My greatest surprise was the inclusion of KEBS, Veterinary Department & Halal Assurance logos on the packet label.

QMP went on to assure consumers that “No hormones or steroids added”.

Being a member of ISO, courtesy of KEBS, I fail to understand why, despite all the quality assurance measures QMP indicates on the label, doubtful quality issues like the 2 I have raised escaped notice .

With regards to issues raised above, I request your respected office to share my concerns with Procurement Department and Management.

I incurred several direct and indirect losses due to QMP’s negligence that require to be addressed. Some of these outright losses include:

Increased work content – fatigue; Cost of cooking fuel; Preparation and cooking time of food that was not consumed by family and lost expectations as follows;

Consequential losses

An 8 years old Grade 2 child (sitting  for mid-term exams this week) was expecting food by  8pm so as to eat and sleep at 9pm latest. He had to sit up late waiting for beef to be defrosted and cooked.

A patient who according to his doctor’s instructions has to take medication after eating supper by latest 8pm had to overlook his doctor’s advice.

The extra cooking time resulted in cancellation of online class with students outside Kenya who were waiting for a scheduled lecture starting 9pm.

I leave it to your office and Management to review this case and get back to me as soon as possible.

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