No longer trusted? MyDawa fails to deliver drugs, reimburse consumer

I purchased formula from the MyDawa platform yesterday at 4pm and even paid for express shipping that was to be done within 4 hours. In total I paid Sh1920.

But by 8pm, the items had not been delivered. I reached out to them through Instagram and Twitter. They called me and told me that the item was out of stock.

They also confirmed to have initiated my funds reversal. I was to receive my funds today (Tuesday) morning.

As I am writing this, my funds have not yet been reversed. My messages on both their platforms on Twitter and instagram are going unanswered.

When I call their hotline 020 521 9999 nobody picks up.

It has reached a point where I am literally begging them for my money. This is because I really need it to buy my baby formula since he uses it at night and I do not have any other money to buy the formula.

Please advise on who I can reach out for assistance since I saw on your Twitter account that you assist consumers when they have a problem with service they get from local brands.

I can share screenshots of my interaction with MyDawa if need be (CA).

Dear Reader: Yes, Cofek helps consumers and businesses on dispute resolution. We advise that you address the company and or supplier or vendor and CC: and or  

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